Privacy Policy

The company is registered with the UK ICO – Reference Number:  CSN2776202

In order to comply with GDPR regulations (2018) this policy informs you about how your data will be collected and stored.

The contact information you provide, and any notes made from meetings, discussions or other communication are kept solely for the purposes of our working together.  These notes may be manual documents kept in a secure place or electronic documents (including emails) kept securely on a password protected computer or mobile device. 

You have the right to access and notes within one month of making a request.

According to the GDPR regulations, your personal and organisations information should be stored for no longer than is necessary. In practical terms, we will usually store your information for the time we work together and 1 year after the end of our work together.

No data is shared with, or sold to, any third party. Or passed on in any way.