How we can help you

Directed Analytics

Analytics can’t be static – it is always dynamic. What you measure and the numbers that are important today, might not be needed next month – you have learnt and now know what today’s analytics have told you. Now you improve, now you have insight, now you know what you should be measuring [next].

Hydra Directed Analytics is designed to give you dynamic analytics, helping you stay ahead, to continually adapt and improve. Automating communication and knowledge retention. Hydra Directed Analytics easily integrates with Business Intelligence, data visualisation tools and existing IT infrastructure. More…

Data Quality Service

Data Quality is the foundation and necessary prerequisite of all Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Story Telling work.  It is simple bad data results in bad Analytics, bad BI and poor story telling.

Sweet Thunder’s fully managed Data Quality service solves this challenge.  A data quality team ready to go. Collecting, checking, validating, verifying, integrity maintenance and transporting your data when and where needed, fully automated and silently behind the scenes.

Fully integrated and working with the Automated Data Management Service Platform to establish and maintain the quality of an enterprise’s data, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Automated Data
Service Platform

Our bespoke automated data management platform, Hydra, is designed and delivered specifically for your needs. Hydra, uses machines to clean, integrate, prepare and transport the right data and information to the right place, at the right time. All without requiring any additional hardware or software, personnel or the development of new systems.

Data Management

Data is what we do. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years. So, when it comes to supporting you with advice and knowledge to realise the benefits of automated data management, you’re in very safe hands.

Project Management

Such Sweet Thunder’s Project Management support has been developed based on extensive experience of successful project delivery. It can help you manage all your data focused projects.